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Song about Vlado Chernosemski

Kakvo eh choudo
Choudo stanalo,
Vuf grada Marseelya
Tahm sa navlezlee avtonomeestee
Ee bratya hrvati.

Trugnal mee kralya
Sus paraxhoda,
Ot grada Doobrovneek
Ee mee zatsepeel
Po moreh sheeroko
Za grada Marseelya.

Tam go posreshtnal
Meeneester Bartoo
Sus generaleeteh;
Teh se subralee
Sayouz da pravyat.
Proteef Makedonya.

Narod se s'beera
Tulpa golehma
Ee veekat "zheeveeo."
A ot tulpata
Glas se proveekva
"Smurt na teeraneena."

Tova mee besheh
Vlado Chernozemskee
Ot Makedonya,
Toi se zateecha
Cumm aftomobeela
Sus peestoleta vuf rucka.

Kral Alexsandur
Podlo se molee
Ee na Vlado govoree:
"Amahn breh Vlado,
Nehmoi breh Vlado,
Meneh da meh oobeevash."

Vlado na kralya
Gordo otgovarya,
Chooee breh teeraneeno,
Men meh eezpratee
Vancho Meexhailov
Da eezpulnya pree sudata.

Ya stanee, stanee
Shoomadeesko koocheh
Tebeh keh teh ootepam.
Peestoleta grumna
Kralya seh oburna
Da zheeveyeh Makedonya!

Neka seh znaeh,
Znaeh ee pomnee
Po tsela Evropa,
Che Makedonets
Robstvo neh turpee
Smurt na teeraneeteh!

True and extraordinary
but the extraordinary happens,
In a far away city of Marseilles
there are united autonomists
and brother Croatians.

Now a king departs
on a luxury ship,
from the town of Dubrovnik
and he sleeps peacefully
while he sails the wide ocean
and destiny waits in Marseilles.

There he is honoured
by Minister Barthou
and his mighty generals;
where they all gather
to hold a council of war
against poor Macedonia.

The people they gather
the crowds enormous
and they chant "long may he live"
but from the crowd
a lone voice is heard
"Death to tyrants".

For there stands also
Vlado Chernozemski
all the way from Macedonia,
he starts to run
alongside the automobile
in his hand a pistol is seen.

King Alexander
starts to plead
and to Vlado he begs:
"please Vlado,
don't do this Vlado,
don't kill me".

to the King Vlado replies
proud and true,
understand this you tyrant,
I've been sent by
Vancho Mihailoff himself
to deliver our verdict.

Now stand up, stand up
you Serbian dog
I'm going to execute you.
the pistol fires
the King he expires
long live Macedonia!

Somewhere it is known,
known and remembered
throughout all of Europe,
that the Macedonians'
oppression will not be forgiven
Death to all tyrants!

Taken from The Macedonian Oracle