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Gotze Delchev's Joining the Revolutionary Movement

After his expulsion from the Military School in 1894, Delchev returned to Macedonia, and his revolutionary activity in the internal affairs of Macedonia began from the above date. It continued for nine years. During all these years Delchev roamed about, either alone or in a company of trusted comrades, throughout Macedonia. He devoted his life to that legendary apostolic work which made him the most beloved among the masses of the country. Upon his arrival in Shtip, Delchev met Dame Gruev, the founder of the local revolutionary committee. They met there for the first time and became intimate friends and co-workers. Delchev and Gruev undertook to bear the whole work of the conspiracy upon their shoulders. In order to animate the spirit of revolt and to organize and prepare the masses for this objective, they both decided to teach in Macedonia. Through request and pressure on the Exarchy, they were appointed teachers-Gruev, in the city of Shtip itself, and Delchev, in the village of Novo-Selo, in the vicinity of Shtip.

These two apostles now became the supreme masters of the conspiracy of the IMRO. Delchev, either as teacher or a disguised peddler, as a merchant or an unsuspected villager, was spreading the gospel of liberty. He was the first to propagate the idea of autonomy for Macedonia. In order to have a wide-spread acceptance of this principle-the autonomy of Macedonia-he undertook, with the cooperation of others, to organize peasants as well as the city dwellers of the districts of Shtip, Serres, Salonica, Monastir (Bitola), Ochrid, Lerin, Kostur, etc. there was not a corner in the eastern, northeastern, southern, and southwestern part of Macedonia which Delchev failed to visit. He became a true apostle-he followed the example of Levsky!